Ice luge

A(n ice) luge is a small one- or two-person sled on which one sleds supine (face up) and feet-first. (wikipedia)

During the winter Olympics of 2014 I sent an email to the BSBN (Bob en Slee Bond Nederland) that I was very interested in looking at the possibilities of combining my street luge training (in the summer) with ice luge training in winter.

I wanted to see if I could train with ‘the Dutch team’ in the winter, to learn from them which would benefit my street luge racing. They were interested in my motivation and I was invited to meet with Dirk Jongkind, Holland’s only rider at that point. I met up with him and we talked about both our sports, about the differences and the similarities.

A couple of months went by and I toured through Europe for my summer street luge trip. Shortly after Dirk invited me again for a meeting with a representative for the BSBN. During that meeting I was offered to participate in a 4-week training program in Austria, Latvia and Germany.

Needless to say I accepted it and that’s where my (ice) luge story began.

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